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About Emma

Emma Micklem 


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My ambition is to support leaders, their teams and their organisations to be more intentional about what their purpose is and how they can develop commercially-sound strategies to achieve it. It is really important to me that all of the work I do has genuine meaning and creates real benefits for people and the planet. 

My strengths lie in nudging and guiding strategy, leadership, and industry transformation towards sustainable business models and socially-inclusive value creation.

I have worked across industries including financial services, telecoms, FMCG and logistics during almost fifteen years in business advisory, helping leadership teams to build trust, alignment and develop commercial optionality. By nature, I like to simplify complex problems and drive operational excellence. 


Before joining S7, I held a leadership role at an Anglo-Nordic advisory firm driven by its mission of ´reinventing growth´. In my role as Managing Director and Director of Delivery Excellence, my responsibilities were to manage clients and oversee our suite of projects and programmes, while equipping our project managers and teams with the capabilities to deliver them to the highest standard. Prior to this, I worked for a global leader in consulting, technology service and digital transformation. 

I have an Honours degree in business science from the University of Cape Town and a double Master's degree in Energy, Natural Resources and the Environment from the Norwegian School of Economics (NHH) and in International Business through the Global Alliance in Management Education (CEMS).

Based in Cape Town, South Africa, I most enjoy spending time with my partner and children, running across mountain trails, and being surrounded by animals and nature. I’ll never say no to a good adventure! 

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