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Rick Wheatley, Managing Partner, Systems7

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My ambition is to help leaders break out of old thinking and see new possibilities that enhance commercial success while creating the future we need.


My strengths lie in noticing, connecting, guiding and challenging – leveraging this skillset to help leaders, teams and companies break patterns while there is still time to change course and win.


The latest manifestation of this purpose is Systems7, an advisory firm I founded in Oslo in May 2021.

Our underlying aim is to help businesses that matter to the future outperform the ones who don't. We are inspired by the idea of 'forced transitions' - an oft-repeated phenomenon in which societies and businesses seem to get surprised by major shifts, despite the writing having been on the wall for some time (and in neon lights at that). By combining our strengths – in building leader fluency, identifying strategic step-outs, crafting pivot narratives and evolving leadership capabilities – S7 means to equip leadership teams to avoid forced transitions and transform with intent.


Before setting up Systems7, I spent nine years at an Anglo-Nordic advisory firm driven by its mission of 'reinventing growth'. There I worked with executive management teams to assess risks to legacy business models and consider new strategic options; designing and delivering global culture change programmes; and leading advisory engagements with senior energy industry executives focused on developing strategies to bridge the legacy energy industry to the emerging renewable energy space.


Perhaps my proudest career achievement  was the work I did with Equinor (then Statoil). Over the course of four years I worked together with an outstanding group of leaders to help them identify and assess the contextual shifts and strategic options that ultimately led to them changing their name to Equinor and making some of the largest renewables investments in history.


I am also deeply proud to have co-designed and for five years led the Leadership Vanguard, a cross-industry leadership and acceleration programme for top talent from several Fortune 50 companies and co-chaired by the CEOs of Unilever and Mastercard.


I started my working life as a military officer. After four years in the US army (stationed in the Republic of Korea and in the western US), I moved to Perot Systems and served as director of technology for a strategic healthcare account in California and Texas before working in London in business development. 


In 2003, I moved to Norway and started a family. After a stint running logistics for Knut Frostad’s Team Academy, and having the opportunity to get my hair blown back sailing on their ORMA 60 trimaran during a few transport legs, I became a self-employed leadership and culture consultant working with small- and mid-sized businesses in the Nordics. In 2012, I joined a larger advisory firm to be part of a bigger team and test my skills with global businesses.


Over the years I have enjoyed many public speaking and moderation opportunities including guest speaking slots in leadership programmes for Barclays, KPMG and DB Schenker.


I have spoken at TEDx twice, once for TEDx London Business School and once for TEDx Oslo. Some moderation highlights include leading panels with a range of inspiring voices including former Unilever CEO Paul Polman; former Mexican president Filipe Calderon; IKEA Foundation CEO Per Heggenes; and former CEO of Innovation Norway Anita Krogh Traaseth. But perhaps the most special panel was the one that included my then 13-year-old daughter Malou!


Outside work I am a father of three adventurous children and an avid skier, climber, sailor and mountain biker. So bringing adventure into Systems7 was the natural thing to do!

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