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Systems7 (S7) is an Oslo-based advisory firm that helps business leaders around the world transform their organisations with intent. Drawing on our team's past experience of working with brands such as Unilever, Mastercard and Equinor, we design and deliver work programmes that help leadership teams accelerate transformation by:



Interrogating and building a shared view of the pressures for change across their full stakeholder ecosystems, looking beyond status-quo industry analyses


Identifying, evaluating and adopting new strategic options, new capabilities and/or new tools needed to respond to these pressures for change


Building momentum for transformation in the wider organisations, ensuring that the new playbook actually leaves head office and reaches the business's frontline


S7's ambition is to help businesses that matter outcompete the ones who don't.

Business leaders are typically optimistic by nature. But this optimism – as necessary as it is for leadership success – can often blind us to important signals of change.

Looking over the edge_edited.jpg

The economic system that was forged in the second half of the 20th century is failing. This is nothing new. Throughout history we see the same story again and again – of emergence, rise, decline and collapse.

Decline very often announces itself with the same signals. From ancient Sumeria and Assyria to the Roman empire, political overstretch, social inequity and failed succession of power often intersect with a significant shift in climate to engender collapse.

Iceberg Lake

We can see some of these signals at play again today.

If we don't radically and aggressively remove climate-warming emissions from our economic model, a climate shift is inevitable.


Indeed some impacts are already locked in, thanks to historical emissions and glacial progress on emissions reductions.

The inequality that seems to be a product of the capitalist model is provoking social outrage in many countries. And our relentless and shortsighted encroachment on ecosystems is now backfiring in the form of both mass extinctions and viral chaos.

So transition is coming. Business can avoid a forced transition by ensuring their businesses are generating returns by solving problems society needs solved.


At S7 we help businesses steer clear of a forced transition and instead transform with intent. In so doing we seek to help the businesses that matter outcompete the ones who don't.

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