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meet OUR team

Hailing from Norway, North America, South Africa, Sweden the UK and Australia, our team draws on wide-ranging backgrounds and deep experience supporting leaders in global and Nordic organisations, among them Unilever, Verizon, Mastercard, Equinor, DB Schenker, Yara and Nordea.


Clients value us for being provocative, counter-intuitive thinkers; strategic, human communicators; and challenging, sensitive facilitators. We aim always to leave leaders and their teams feeling truly empowered to continue the work on their own after the engagement is done.


And we work hard, laugh a lot and share a belief that time in the outdoors is time well-spent.


Read more about our team below.

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Rick Wheatley

Managing Partner


A sought-after challenger to and sounding board for leadership teams, Rick's strength is in helping leaders break out of old thinking. He excels in designing and running programmes that explore risks to legacy business models and identify options for strategic pivots. 

rw @

+47 970 47 070

Emma OxfordSBS-Sept19.jpg

Emma Micklem

Senior Advisor

Cape Town

A trusted leadership and strategy advisor, Emma draws on her deep experience of working closely with senior leadership teams, drive for operational excellence and meticulous attention to detail to help businesses deliver sustainable and socially-inclusive value creation. 

em @


Lloyd Hicks

Senior Advisor

New York

An experienced senior consultant specialising in impact definition and measurement, Lloyd guides corporate clients as they develop robust impact strategies backed up by the ambitions, targets and KPIs required to make that impact a reality. Lloyd is based on the US East coast.

lh @


Veronica Lie

Senior Advisor


Veronica brings expertise in strategy development; crafting and winning support for strategic narratives; facilitation/moderation; programme design; complex, multistakeholder project delivery; and business development.

vl @

+47 907 76 126

MN headshot 2023 2.JPG

Mona Nilsson

Senior Advisor


An experienced change leader, team developer, facilitator and leader coach, with experience from large scale digitalization projects to reinventing organisations. 

Mona combines her expertise in change, team and leadership to in the end "make things happen"

mn @

Rachel photo 2.jpeg

Rachel Eilertsen

Operations Manager


An experienced office and event manager, Rachel helps us keep our eye on the ball. She has an eye for detail and experience designing and delivering interactive events for senior leaders in interesting locations ranging from India to Singapore, Seattle, Berlin, Oslo and more. 

re @

+47 992 87 404


Ben Wood, PhD.



An experienced advisor on environmental issues and climate change (the focus of his PhD) and former UK Head of Sustainability at Arla Foods, Ben leverages his scientific background and industry experience to build and deliver transformation efforts that are both practical and drive tangible, lasting impact.

bw @

+44 7824 479785

Headshot colour.jpg

Henriette Dalby


Rio de Janeiro

A no-nonsense ‘doer’ with strong organisational skills, Henriette draws on her background in international HR and organisational change to cut to the chase, make things happen and unlock high performance. She is temporarily based in Rio de Janeiro.  

hd @


The power of systems thinking

Many of the problems we face in the world today stem from a lack of systems thinking. We strive to help business leaders take a big step back to consider how actions in part of a system spill over to create ripple effects across multiple parts.

What's in the name?


Accepting the reality

of complexity


How many times have you heard someone say: "keep it simple, stupid"? Lists - especially three-item ones - are memorable and therefore useful tools for making sense of things. But too often, this drive for simplicity leads to reductionism and denial of complexity. Which is also... stupid. So, instead of 3, we go for 7.

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